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RuPay ATM-cum-Debit Card Facility Provided by Akola Urban Co-op. Bank

Dear Customers,
We are pleased to announce the new facility of RuPay Debit Card of The Akola Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., Akola. Your card can be used at ATMs of more than 2,10,000+ ATMs of other banks displaying RuPay logo. The card can also be used POS terminals at Merchant Establishments displaying RuPay logo, shopping through merchant website and online payments under NPCI’s industry payment program. Popularly known as plastic money, a Debit Card makes shopping a risk free and pleasant experience. Please note that PIN is mandatory for using your card at POS terminals of the Merchant Establishments. Before using the card, kindly go through the accompanying User Guide carefully and thoroughly.

The Terms and Conditions under which the RuPay ATM-cum-Debit card has been issued are mentioned below

a) Terms Used here :

b) The Card :

c) The PIN :

The Card Holder is initially allotted a computer generated 4 digit PIN which will be in a secured and sealed PIN mailer. The Card Holder is advised in his own interest to change this PIN to any other four digit number of his/her choice. For this purpose, he may use the PIN change option available at Any-ATM. While selecting a PIN, the cardholder is advised to avoid a PIN which can be easily associated with him/her (eg. Telephone number, DOB etc.) Besides, the selected PIN value should not of compromise of

Please remember that an un-authorised person can access the ATM services on cardholder's account if he gains the card and PIN. The card, therefore, should remain in Card Holder's possession and should not be handed over to anyone else. The Card is issued on the condition that the Bank bears no liability for the un-authorised use of the Card. This responsibility is fully that of the Card Holder. Further the bank will not be responsible for any loss either direct or indirect on account of ATM failure/ mal-functioning.

d) Loss of Card :

e) Debit to Customer's account :

f) Transactions :

g) Closing of Accounts :

h) Validity of Card :

i) Others

j) ATM Services: RuPay ATM-cum-Debit Card

Before you begin using your card.

Dos :


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Wish you a very Happy Healthy & Prosperous New Year 2021.

Caution  :  Never ever share your Card number, Expiry date, CVV, PIN, OTP, Password with anyone. Bank never asks for such details.

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