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Jankalyan Bal Vikas Patra

Jankalyan Bal Vikas Patra

Jankalyan Bal Vikas Patra

It is a scheme for persons who want to save for the future needs of their children like education, marriage etc. Under the scheme the customer is required to deposit a lump sum in his name along with minor son/daughter for a minimum period of 24 months and maximum of 120 months which is repaid along with interest on maturity.

TDS will be deducted if the amount of interest in a financial year exceeds Rs. 40,000 If you do not want to pay TDS you will have to submit Form 15G/H along with a copy of PAN card every year.

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Caution  :  Never ever share your Card number, Expiry date, CVV, PIN, OTP, Password with anyone. Bank never asks for such details.

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